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The goal of Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty housing worldwide. The tithe program was created to give affiliates a way to impact Habitat´s global ministry in addition to impacting the need in their local communities. Tithing gives affiliates an opportunity to share their resources with developing countries throughout the world, and to have both a global and a local home building program. By supporting Habitat's work outside of the U.S., your affiliate or campus chapter can make it possible to achieve a world where someday, everyone will have a good place to call home.

With the Habitat for Humanity International Tithe program, local affiliates and the State Support Organization donate a portion of our unrestricted income for the construction of Habitat homes in other countries.

Affiliates only tithe on unrestricted donations. If a donor wishes her/his contribution to remain within the affiliate's local community, none of that donation will be used in foreign Habitat building. It is also worth noting that none of the tithe is used to support administrative or other costs of Habitat for Humanity in the United States. Rather, the tithe donations are sent in their entirety to the country or program of our choice. Therefore, when you contribute to a local Habitat for Humanity house build project, your donation is actually helping build homes for two families in need of safe, affordable housing – one local and one foreign.

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