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Global Village

Programs & Services

The Global Village program began in 1989 in response to increasing requests for international short-term volunteer opportunities. In our first year, 12 countries invited 30 teams to participate in house-building work and to learn about Habitat in their country.

Over our first two decades, the Global Village program sent out more than 60,000 volunteers and raised more than $20 million for international home-building efforts. Those volunteers and financial donations traveled with more than 5,000 teams to work, on more than 10,000 homes in nearly 60 countries.

Today, the GV staff continues to coordinate over 500 work teams to approximately 40 host countries each year, mobilizing more than 7,700 participants! As this program expands, we continue to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity by working in partnership; providing cross-cultural experiences, mobilizing volunteers, building sustainable relationships and generating resources, in the hope of creating long term advocates for affordable housing.

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    American Trucks Positive Payload Program
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